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If you’re looking at this page, you’ve already decided there is something of value on this site.  But, you ask, is it enough to pay for?  There are so many good (or even excellent) Excel-related sites out there, is there really a need for one more?  That costs money?? VaIid questions.  There are many excellent Excel-related sites on the web (I have a link to some of them on the Links  tab); much of their content, if not all, is available free.  Indeed just about everything I’ve put on this site I learned, over the years, from one free site or another. Here are three reasons why XL4 is worthy of your annual subscription.

Reason 1:  Time is money

Sure, we’ve all said this in the past, but have you considered how true it is?  If you are in public practice, you know every billable minute that ISN’T billed is another minute you’ll have to work late to catch up.  If you practice the craft of accounting in industry, you know how short-staffed accounting departments are, and you know that you always have more work that SHOULD be done than you have time to do it.  I’ve already gone through all those websites.  I’ve hunted down the solutions to countless challenges I’ve faced as an accountant, then synthesized them to come up with Excel-based solutions to simple and complex accounting tasks.  I’ve also come to understand that there are some aspects of Excel that, for an accountant, are not only unnecessary, but they get in the way of doing our work.  For example, I’ve found that there is no point in learning the various Financial formulae.  I’ve also come to understand that, as powerful as Array formulas are, it’s a bad idea to use them in your work.  This website contains not only the instructions on HOW to use various tools, but also WHEN and WHY (and even WHY NOT).  This is all based on real experience with large and small companies, private and public.   It also shows how to use many of them in context, culminating with the various projects which bring many of these lessons together in very practical ways. So, while you could spend hundreds of hours going through countless blog postings, articles, threads and search results, as I have done and continue to do, is that the very best use of your time?  That time which is, demonstrably, equal to money?  More importantly, when you need to know how to do something, do you have the time available to hunt through dozens of web-pages just to figure out the technical term for what you need to accomplish?  Is it really worth the effort? I never had a choice - the time-intensive route was the only route.  You now have a choice.

Reason 2:  Professional Development Credits

You need to get a certain number of credits every year.  Verifiable credits, from a source that can afford to keep your records for up to three years (maybe more?) to support your claim of CPD.  By purchasing a subscription to this website, you are obtaining access, not just to some great accounting-specific excel training, but also to tests which prove your training.  These tests provide verification of your training - verified CPD.

Reason 3:  Repeatable Training

Whenever I’ve attended Excel training (or any training, for that matter) I found that, no matter how well-taught the course was, maybe 20% of the content was immediately applicable, and sometimes I didn’t even remember all of it.  Much of what was taught was content I already knew, some was not applicable to my situation, and some was just over my head at the time. Packaged training is like that; give the most information with the broadest possible target audience, so that everyone  gets something This site is more like one-on-one training.  We go over bite-sized bits of information you can apply right away.  In each section, I try to provide you with the basics, some more advanced information, and then the most-advanced related material.  Some you can use now, and some you can access later, having already come across it. There are some great Excel trainers out there, with lifetimes of knowledge.  But they aren’t sitting beside you all day, every day.  This website IS.  You go at your pace, and learn what you need right now.  You can find topics you are working toward mastering, and revisit them as you have time to improve your skills and unlock more productivity.  And if you missed something the first time, you can come right back.  Because everything here is relevant to the practicing accountant, at one time or another. Click the button, below, to unlock a wealth of information that will increase your productivity and maybe even make work a bit more fun!
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