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These are the sites I keep finding myself heading to when I have the time (or need) to browse for a specific answer.  If you are Googling for answers, look up responses from these sites first: www.ozgrid.com - This is my favourite site, particularly for help with macros.  Well laid out and the explanations are pretty good.  They seem to have an article for just about everything, but some are mainly for older versions of Excel.  If you are using 2010 or 2013 (or even 2007) you may find the solutions presented don’t take into account newer functionality. www.cpearson.com - Chip Pearson created one of the first public help sites for Excel.  There is a LOT of information there, but it can take some time to hunt through it all.  Again, be careful that the solutions you find are applicable to your version of Excel - an easier approach may now exist. www.mrexcel.com - Although I like this site, it does require a user to login to see anything.  I’ve never had a problem resulting from signing up but, if you don’t like being required to sign up before you use something, this may go lower down on your list.  LOTS of stuff here, both articles and forums. www.stackoverflow.com - Everything I’ve found here appears through their forum, as opposed to articles, so the information is rather hit or miss.  Some good stuff, some bad.  This should be your third or fourth choice, however, there is a lot of information here that may not be available elsewhere... www.rondebruin.nl - Ron de Bruin is a Microsoft Excel MVP.  Not a prolific writer, he often tackles issues others don’t.  I don’t find myself visiting his site too often but, when I do, it’s usually because no-one else has posted a solution.  He also writes very clearly on technical matters (English is a wee bit weak), which is something you don’t always see on the web...
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