There are hundreds of choices when it comes to customizing ribbons in Excel 2010 and forward.  Going through all the options, considering them, and determining how to position them in your customized ribbon can be a daunting task. I’ve done the first cut for you.  Right-click the download icon to the right, and choose “Save target as...”.  Save the file to your computer, take note of where you have saved it to, then in Excel go to File>Options>Customize Ribbon. At the bottom right of the popup window, you will see a button: “Import/Export”.  Click this button, choose “import customization file” and browse to the file you just saved.  Your new ribbon is automatically positioned to the right of your “Home” tab.
Article - Customizing ribbons

Personalizing the tabs

With the “Customize Ribbon” option selected in the File>Options Menu, you start by choosing where you want to look for the commands to add. I usually use “All Commands”, since then I can see everything in alphabetical order.  Simply scroll to the command you want, and either click “Add” to move it over to the “Customize the Ribbon” section, or you can drag & drop directly where you want to go. Hint:  The drag & drop is a lot easier & faster than “add” and arrow up/down to position. While you can add any command to any Tab or Group, you can only remove commands that you have added.  The default commands in the various ribbons are not deletable, but they can be moved.  That’s why I prefer to make one ribbon, with all the commands I want in one place.  I can then “uncheck” the tabs I don’t need any more, making the whole thing much less cluttered.

Tabs and Groups

A “Tab” is the container for all the commands visible at one time on a ribbon.  On the default Ribbon, the “Home” Tab is the default tab. Each Tab contains one or more “Groups”, which provide contextual structure to the Tab.  In the “Home” Tab, there are Groups for Clipboard, Font, Alignment, and so on. You can add your own Group to any Tab, and your own Tabs (with their own Groups) to the Ribbon.
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